A common trait - the desire to surmount gravity in pursuit of Track and Field throwing excellence.
Membership in the Texas Throwers Club is open to all throwers who share in the spirt of the founding members, regardless of age, gender, or  ability.
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Texas Throwers promotes participation in the Track and Field throwing events and hosts five to six throwers meets every year. Participation in an event may be limited depending on the facility so make sure to register for all events as soon as you can. * Non-members are welcome to register and participate to Texas Throwers events as well. Throwing is a community sport

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Club origins

In 2009 Robert Rogers, Steve Patridge, Ed Riewerts, and Marty Wright came together to form the Texas Throwers Club after realizing the need for an active masters throwing organization in Texas.


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Upcoming Meets

In addition to the 5 or 6 events we hold in Texas each year, we list the meets in Texas and around the country that our Members may be interested in.


There have been 4 members of Men's USA Olympic Shot Putters who have attended Texas A & M University. All 4 medalled, winning a total silver Medals and 3 Gold Medals between them. The only one who did not win a Gold Medal, missed it by 2 centimeters, receiving the silver Medal instead. It is a remakable feat nonetheless. Do you know his name?

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Darrow Hooper. At the 1952 Olympics, Darrow threw 57' 3/4 while his teammate, Parry O'Brian, threw 57' 1 1/2" to edge him out for the Gold
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